My Blue Hotel in Jericoacoara: photos, reservations and opinion

On my last trip to Jericoacoara, I visited My Blue Hotel several times, on the way to its beach bar. That’s because the hotel’s location is strategic, between the busiest point on the beach and the Main Square. And before anyone asks: YES, it has an exit for both sides. According to the criteria in the Where to Stay in Jeri post, this is the best place in the village.

In addition to the location, I also really liked the interior of My Blue Hotel, where the garden, the main pool and a charming corner pool are located, which is a hit on Instagram for girls. travel bloggers (Affectionate nickname I gave to girls who would rather show their asses than show content on their profiles). Nothing against. If you doubt it, look at the hotel’s Instagram profile and look at the photos.

I didn’t get to enter the rooms, but I noticed something common in Jeri hotels: the rooms on the ground floor are indiscreet. This is also the case at Pousada Jeribá, where I was staying. So if you get there in low season and you can choose the room, ask for one on the second floor. Preferably choose an apartment with a sea view.

Photos of My Blue Hotel

Room rates at My Blue Hotel

In addition to the official website itself, the only booking website that has My Blue in its catalog is Booking. Searching at different times of the year, in high and low season, prices do not vary much. The greatest contrast in values ​​is related to the standard of the rooms, from the simplest to the most luxurious.

  • Cheapest night: R$ 500 on average, varying little to more or less
  • Most expensive rates: BRL 735 on average, can exceed BRL 800 on some dates
Hotel Blue Jeri, in front of the beach

My Blue Hotel or Pousada Jeriba or Essenza Hotel or Vila Kalango

These are the four best beachfront hotels in Jericoacoara. Making a comparison, first in prices, My Blue is the one that costs less. Especially if compared to Essenza, where the daily rates are above R$ 1,000. Pousada Jeribá, on average, costs a little less than that. In the same price range as My Blue, the main competitor is Vila Kalango.

Choosing My Blue Hotel is for those who like value for money. It doesn’t have the exclusivity of a small place like Pousada Jeribá or the ostentatious luxury of Essenza. But it has that important balance between a reasonable price for the standard it offers and the best possible location in Jeri, a few steps from the beach and the best restaurants.

And if you are still in doubt between Essenza and Vila Kalango, the availability of My Blue will probably convince you. After all, because it has more rooms, it usually has more vacancies.

Keep planning your trip to Jericoacoara

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And if you have any questions, whether choosing accommodation or setting up your itinerary, just ask. I answer questions and emails myself, always as quickly as possible. Some tips that will also help you:

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