10 Most Beautiful Cities in Italy – Sicily, Sardinia, Cinque Terre, Rome

Between beach towns and large metropolises, Italy has some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. But, after all, what are the most beautiful cities in italy? What’s the best thing about each one to get on this list?

Traveling through the most beautiful cities in Italy is a dream for many people. That’s why I traveled, researched a lot, looked at photos, read other rankings and also put a pinch of personal opinion on this list. It was difficult to choose just 10. And if you have any tips or favorite cities in Italy, send them in the comments.

Where are the most beautiful cities in Italy on the map

1. Anacapri, Island of Capri

The Island of Capri is one of the best destinations on the Amalfi Coast. And the best view of the island is from the small town of anacapri. It still has a friendly historic center and some of the best restaurants on the island. The best deal there is to rent a scooter and go in search of beaches and viewpoints. And go around the entire island by boat, observing famous mansions like Giorgio Armani and tourist attractions like the Blue Grotto.

2. Venice, Veneto

Despite the infestation of pigeons and sea cruises, it is impossible not to include Venice among the most beautiful cities in Italy. Its canals full of gondolas and bridges that are true architectural gems, such as the Rialto Bridge, are just the main attraction of the city that seems to float on the Adriatic Sea.

3. Catania, Sicily

At the foot of the Etna Volcano, Catania has over a thousand years of history. Survivor of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, it preserves monuments such as Castello Ursino and Fonte do Elefante. And the city even has a beach and easy access via train or boat. For this set, it wins the dispute with Palermo and Taormina for the Sicilian vacancy among the most beautiful cities in Italy.

4. Vernazza, Cinque Terre

On the Ligurian coast, close to Genoa, five beach towns are on the itinerary of millions of tourists: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare. Of these, Vernazza is the most impressive. Its bucolic marina, its small beach disputed in the summer and its views of the sea, from the top of the village, are enough to make anyone fall in love. Maybe that’s why it’s part of many Honeymoon itineraries in Italy. Have you thought?

5. Naples, Campania

Hated by some, loved by millions. The shadow of the mafia still scares tourists. But Naples it has the aroma of pizza in the air and the best cuisine in Italy. The imposing Piazza del Plebiscito is the calling card of what was once the capital of a kingdom. Gothic churches, palaces and castles make up the look with the Vesuvius volcano in the background. All this just a few minutes away from other incredible destinations such as Capri and Pompeii.

6. Lucca, Tuscany

As hordes of tourists squeeze into neighboring Florence and Pisa, the tiny Lucca oozes charm. Its historic center is surrounded by a large medieval wall, on which a park has been created. In the narrow streets, there are remnants of the Roman Empire, a church with a gold facade (Basilica di San Frediano) and exotic attractions such as the Museum of Torture.

7. Rome, Lazio

Perhaps the greatest city in the world, Rome could not be left out of this list of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Its monuments are jaw-dropping. Its history is millenary, alive in places like the Coliseum, the Vatican, the Roman Forum, the great piazzas, churches and monumental temples. If you want to enjoy the city without rain and less crowded, understand when to go to rome and start planning your trip.

8. Castelsardo, Sardinia

As a whole, Sardinia deserves to have a representative on the list of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The chosen one was Castelsardo, which was built on a rocky hill, giving it beautiful natural viewpoints. And the city still has important historical monuments.

9. Auronzo di Cadore, Veneto

With just over 3,000 inhabitants, small Auronzo di Cadore occupies a privileged place in Italian geography. Close to the Austrian border, it sits on the shores of an alpine lake, overlooking the mountains. It is a charming destination for those who want to ski in Italy.

10. Tropea, Calabria

The historic center of Tropea is one of the best preserved in southern Italy. In addition, its alleys end with excellent views of the sea. Touristy, the city has a good infrastructure of hotels and restaurants. Spiaggia Di Tropea, the town’s main beach, is reasonably pretty and gets crowded in summer.

Other beautiful cities in Italy

  • Positano
  • Sorrento
  • Salerno
  • riomaggiore
  • Florence
  • step
  • Palermo

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